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Proactive military veteran and first responder

mental health care programs for optimal wellness.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Treadway Consulting is an innovative firm specializing in collaborative partnerships with local and international organizations. Our primary objective is to enhance mental healthcare services for military veterans and first responders. We are deeply committed to creating a positive impact and fostering well-being within these populations through a comprehensive and proactive approach.

At Treadway, our mission is anchored in preventative measures with a dedicated focus on principles in applied positive psychology. Working closely with healthcare non-profits, private businesses, and government agencies, our team provides expert consultation to develop and deliver tailored mental healthcare programs. 

Treadway is fully committed to driving positive change within the field of mental healthcare. We firmly believe in the transformative power of well-designed programs and forward-thinking approaches to create lasting impact in the lives of military veterans and first responders. Together, we can revolutionize the mental healthcare landscape, cultivate resilience, and promote the overall well-being of those who have selflessly dedicated their lives to serving and protecting others.

Lauren Armistead 

While attending UCLA, Lauren worked as a first responder, Field Training Officer, and Training Instructor for UCLA’s Emergency Medical Services. Upon graduation, she pursued a successful career in medical sales in the Bay Area before moving back to Los Angeles where she was recruited to work for the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). HSAC worked to bridge the gap between heads of local agencies (LASD, LAPD, FBI, USGS) and prominent business leaders to better prepare Southern California for major terrorist attacks and natural disasters. As HSAC's Deputy Director, Lauren built the first online database of private sector resources on the West Coast and held the only private sector seat in Southern California’s emergency operations centers. She went on to become HSAC’s Executive Director where she was responsible for managing, recruiting, lecturing, and fundraising. More recently, Lauren served as a research consultant for a bioterrorism and infectious disease expert out of UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Change and Innovation at University of Southern California (USC) where her studies and research focused on suicidality, resiliency, and wellness within the law enforcement community. Lauren also worked as a volunteer and assistant instructor for CopLine, a confidential crisis hotline for law enforcement officers in the United States and Canada. Lauren lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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"I have been working with Lauren for the last 18 months in military, veteran and first responder mental health field. Her knowledge, understanding, empathy and capability are impressive. She is highly recommended  by me for  any project in this space."

Jon Lane, MD, PhD
GEARS & SRF Founder
ADF Veteran & Reservist

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"As an accomplished graduate student I found Lauren to be a passionate advocate with a keen intellect. Her final assignment submission for my class on “Military and Veteran Policy and Program Management” represented PhD level analysis in a  Master's level program. She will no doubt will be a catalyst for change in whatever she pursues."

David Bringhurst, PhD
USC Clinical Associate Professor
Military Veteran

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"Despite being a civilian, Lauren is able to fit in seamlessly within the law enforcement community. She is also driven, passionate and bright. Any police department or government agency would be lucky to have her working on behalf of and advocating for their officers and veterans."

Jerry Shaw
LAPD, Metro Sergeant II (ret.)
SSA Security Group, Co-Founder

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