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Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Treadway Consulting is an innovative firm specializing in delivering proactive mental health care programs that are based on the science and principles of positive psychology.


Through collaborative partnerships with local and international organizations, Treadway’s primary objective is to optimize the mental well-being of first responders, military veterans and healthcare providers. Lectures and workshops concentrate on the practical application and principles of well-being science. Rooted in positive psychology, these trainings provide clients with essential skills to enhance their resilience and self-empowerment, leading to improved mental health outcomes.


At Treadway, we are deeply committed to enhancing the mental well-being of our clients. Our cutting-edge programs, built on a foundation of holistic and strengths-based strategies, are designed to empower individuals to achieve lasting improvements in their mental health, ultimately enabling them to embrace and live their best life possible.

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